Students in Professor Kimberly Jensen’s Honors Colloquium at Western Oregon University in Winter 2018 conducted research about what diverse women in Oregon were doing in the period of the movement for woman suffrage and the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. They utilized digitized historic newspapers, most of which are available at the Oregon Historic Newspapers site at the University of Oregon and secondary sources, all listed in sources sections at the conclusion of each documents project.

Advocacy in Action: Beatrice Cannady and the Fight to Empower African Americans in Oregon  by Rebecca Tew

Birth Control: The Fight for Sexual Freedom  by Bella Magdaleno

Chemawa Indian School and Ideas about Native Women in Historic Oregon Newspapers  by Kristin Bewersdorff

Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy and Prohibition, 1920  by Sara Madden

Mexican Women in Early 1900s Oregon Newspapers  by Rachel Worley

I Have Long Suspected My Condition and Now I Know”: Homosexuality and Gender Identity in the 1920s  by Desiree Root

Mother Knows Best: The Portland Housewives League and Motion Picture Censorship  by Brianne Moodie

Normal School Extracurriculars  by Rachel Bayly

Oregon Mathematician Lucile Copenhaver  by Katelyn Rule

Oregon Women on School Boards, 1912-1921  by Sierra Fresh

Portland, Oregon Black Women’s Clubs React to Visit of National Leader  by Morgan Williams

Portland’s Neighborhood House and the National Council of Jewish Women  by Antonia Scholerman

Suffrage International: Domestic Discussions on Gender and Suffrage in the Philippines  by Carter Craig

Sylvia Thompson: Oregon’s Third Female State Legislator, 1916-1922  by Noah Johnson

Valentine Prichard and the Portland Free Dispensary  by Amanda Lehman